Our Services

Your customer’s experience should be your #1 priority. After all, without customers we have no business. But we get it: you have a business to run and a product or service to deliver. Why not leave the care of your customers to the pros? Customer Experience is our business and we’re here to support you, our customer, by being the front line for your customers.


We offer a variety of services to capture and convert incoming leads as well as respond to questions and concerns with the highest level of care and professionalism.

With our specialized hubs - segmented by geography and specific area of expertise - we guarantee that your customer will always be speaking with the closest and most knowledgeable person on our team.

Inbound Call Centre

We offer management of both phone lines and email inboxes - 24/7 if you need it. Our staff are chosen for their inherent commitment to customer service. We offer ongoing training to ensure that the people answering your phones not only know your business but are at the top of their game when it comes to serving your customers.

Digital Customer Experience

In today's landscape, managing and maintaining social channel & website chats is as important as being available by phone. We manage these in the same manner we do your phone lines and email inbox.

Inbound Email Services

We ensure that emails to your Customer Care inbox are responded to quickly and with friendly and helpful responses. Our staff are chosen for their inherent commitment to customer service, ensuring the best care for your customers.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation matters. We help you solicit positive reviews from happy customers and respond to those who take the time to share their comments building customer loyalty and demonstrating your commitment to your craft

Customer Care Integration

From how Customer Experience fits in your greater Marketing Strategy to process improvement and cost reduction, we partner with businesses to improve the bottom line while offering exceptional Customer Care.

Program Development

Know that you need a Customer Care strategy but need help setting up your processes, FAQ's and playbook? We're here to support you as you ramp up to handover to Lowkl's experienced agents.

Customer Care Training

We are passionate about treating customers well and we spend our time doing just that. Let us train your in house team on Customer Care best practices and inspire them to do their best for your customers every time they interact.

Virtual Assistant

Snowed under and need some help with the simple but time consuming tasks of life? Our Customer Care team is here for you whether you need someone to book appointments for you or renew your car insurance. You can count on us to get things done.