More About Us

We are committed to customer care for local companies, provided by local people for local customers.


Customer care has always been a mixed bag of experiences. Customers don't know what to expect when they call a company's Customer Service line. Sometimes its a five star experience and other times less so. What it does depend on is the person on the other end of the phone. That critical interaction with a business can in some cases make or break a person's overall impression.

We believe that this is best done by a knowledgeable, friendly local who can relate and provide context to the caller. So we decided to turn call centres upside down and offer our customers a flexible environment with a scalable workforce and WFH capacity to ensure business continuity no matter what the world throws at you.

We're nice. We're knowledgeable. We're local.

We believe that loving what you do makes you good at it and that life is about balance. We're building a team of people committed to helping customers, which although separated physically, is more connected than ever. 

Our Leadership

Salim Kassam


Analytical, Process Driven & Creative with a focus on Deliverables. 

Salim has led teams in multibrand Corporations as a CMO and CTO prior to founding Group Kadence, a Consulting Group focused on the Hospitality, Retail and Health Club Verticals.  


Salim's focus on Customer experience through the Customer Journey has included building out Customer Experience Centres and Call Centres over the last 20 years for some of Canada's biggest and best know brands. 

Salim and Lindsey partnered in creating LowkL as an answer to a search for a Local, scalable, decentralized and friendly customer hub that was not available in the marketplace.

Lindsey Turner


A committed brand builder, connector and collaborator, Lindsey has spearheaded Customer Service teams across a variety of industries including tourism & hospitality, resources, healthcare, non-profit and Indigenous businesses.


Prior to founding Bold Ink Strategy, a Customer Experience consultancy, Lindsey held executive level marketing roles with a number of well-known and well-loved brands across Canada.


A catalyst for change, Lindsey is committed to making organizations better and more efficient while maintaining the human interaction that builds brand loyalty.